As a Training Better Dragon, you will get access to expanded instructional content based on the ever-popular Dragon's Tip of the Day on Facebook. Videos with demonstration and explanations of the how-to's and why's will help you grow!

Doing Better Dragons


As a Doing Better Dragon, you'll receive everything the Training Better Dragons do, plus:

  • Thank you gift (Dragon Billiards Case Patch)
  • Early access to answers to "You're the Coach Now" quizzes and contests

When you start Unleashing Your Inner Dragon, you'll get everything the Training and Doing Better Dragons do, plus:

  • Thank You Gift (Coin Holder in addition to Case Patch)
  • Exclusive, longer length instructional videos not posted anywhere else

Ultimate Dragon


Don't choose this tier if you're not fully committed to improving. When you choose to become an Ultimate Dragon, we enter a monthly relationship of improvement, committed to each other. I will become your personal pool coach and you will find the time needed to complete the assignments needed to improve your game. You will be assigned drills, exercises, and practice time needed to reinforce newly learned behaviors. Not everyone is ready for this level of training, so if you're not there yet, please consider a lower tier. If you're ready, this tier provides you with everything the lower tiers offer, plus:

  • Thank you gift (T-Shirt in addition to the coin holder and case patch)
  • 10 minute video call for feedback is upgraded to a 30 minute video call with private one-on-one instruction
  • Exclusive 10% discount on all Pro-Shop items!

Due to the very intensive and personalized nature of this program, spots are limited.