No matter how good you think you are at pool, or how much knowledge you think you possess there is always something to learn, and someone who knows much more than you.

I got to sit down for my very first lesson from a certified PBIA & ACS Instructor Kim Young at Dragon Billiards Instruction.

I've been practicing pool for about 3 years now where I'm actually putting in the time and effort to not just bang balls around, but actually run a rack consistently. There is just only so much you can teach yourself by self analysis and finding information online.

It was validating that a lot of what I've taught myself has been good practice, but it wasn't until my lesson with Dragon Billiards Instruction that I realized I had only scratched the surface on many areas of my game.

You'll be hard pressed to find a better instructor for the game other than Kim Young. He does this for love of the game, and for the love of teaching.

In our lesson we covered cue ball delivery and the tangent line. These are really simple topics, and something every pool player should master. BUT! "Knowing" what the tangent line is and actually knowing it are two different things. When we combined the delivery of the cue ball and the tangent line I was shown just how hard you need to hit to actually achieve cue ball slide. I was adding power, when I should have been adding better tip placement with less speed to deliver the much better results.

Are pool lessons worth the money? Absolutely. It's always good to have a teacher point out your flaws, and then show you how to improve. I walked away from my one lesson learning exactly what's wrong about the way I'm approaching shots. Now I have a goal for practice, and when playing actual matches I'll be a much smarter player when it comes to looking for the shape zone, and coming into it rather than across it.

If you're looking to get better at pool, Dragon Billiard's Instruction is the real deal. If you think you've plateaued with your self training give one of his lessons a shot! You'll come back feeling energized and wanting to play more as you now know exactly where to improve. I for one will be heading back for some more lessons!

Calvin Post

Owner of CJPBilliards

Kim is awesome. I'm a mediocre player taking his online lessons so that I can shoot more consistently. Wow, he goes back to the core with eyesight, depth perception, body and leg positioning before even touching a ball. Lots of foundation work for me! Look forward to the journey!

Tom Werner


Where do I begin...I used to play years ago when I was younger but then stepped away from the game I love for almost 25 years...once I came back I knew I wanted to take lessons to take my knowledge wasn't long before I was referred to Kim.

Let me just say that it was the smartest thing I have ever say that Kim transformed my game is an understatement...I don't feel that there is ANYONE that knows everything about pool which is to say everyone can benefit from instruction, and Kim is qualified to instruct even the most advanced players.

He is understanding, knowledgeable, and thorough...his shop is incredible and he is more than fair with all of the services that he yourself a matter what your skill level take a few lessons with him and I promise you your game will expand.

And finally Kim, I want to say thank you...not only have I gained an instructor that helps me and my understanding of the game in so many ways but I have also gained a friend and value that friendship...well done brother!

Shane "Shaner" Mallory

New York

I found Kim of the instructors list on PBIA, I emailed him personally about fundamental flaws I couldn't seem to shake in my stroke causing inconsistency and preventing me from progressing. While others I reached out too didn't give me the time of day or brushed me off, Kim emailed me the next morning thanking me for the opportunity to help and instilled confidence that he and I could fix these flaws in as little as 30 mins. To put it bluntly, I watched every video / instruction I could myself so I doubted this sentiment. But he proved correct. Not only did he fix my fundamental mechanics, he instilled the muscle memory to replicate them consistently over the entire lesson after a simple 20 min analysis / notes written of my stroke and simply altering some foot positioning and visual analysis. The rest of the issues corrected themselves based on his fixes. I personally made a 3.5 hr drive to be in person for this lesson and I would make that drive 10 times over . He's allowed me to fall back in love with the game that was leaving me frustrated and I couldn't recommend someone better who will care as much as you to perfecting your game.

Michael Ofsanko

New Jersey

I've taken lessons, ordered supplies, and had my pool table redone and I can't recommend anyone better. Kim is extraordinary and honorable. You can't put your trust in anyone better

Roseann Daw

New York

Really awesome instructor. Very accommodating and cool guy to work with. Great at actually giving you valuable drills to improve your pool game. Highly recommend to learn billiards!!!

Graham Nelson


To start off, let me say that there are not many pro shops for pool these days. Like any other business, the game of pool has also been commercialized by big stores. Their prices are marked to make a profit and you have zero guidance before buying a product. Customizations are for name sake only and customer support is a miracle if you hear back.
If this sounds like your experience for buying pool accessories, then you need to visit Dragon Billiards! You will be greeted with a smile and your pool related needs will be taken care of in a very professional, yet friendly manner. You will never be forced to buy anything. There will be no blatant cross selling push. To top it off, you will receive free instructions from the Facebook page! The proprietor also gives lessons and will gladly go over to your place if you and your friends want an afternoon or evening of lessons.
So, don't wait, if you are in the area or if the travel time is good, then make an, appointment and go visit Dragon Billiards!

Subhojit Chatterjee


South Dakota

I started talking with Kim probably two months ago or so. He is very knowledgeable and patient. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a Cuetec Cynergy on Sunday, the 15th. It came today and it was exactly what Iowa's expected. Kim himself is amazing to work with; he responds to messages quickly even tho I was debating it and "kicked the tires" for two months. He was patient, never pushy, and always had time to answer a question or two.

TLDR; The dragon has some amazing customer service, isn't pushy, and an all around great guy. If you're buying a cue, or accessories, let the dragon hook u up!

Chris Wiebers

South Dakota

New York

I drive 160 miles to train with Kim. Excellent instruction. Answers all questions and asks if I had/have any more. Almost instantly corrected many bad habits I had developed in my pre-shot routine,cue hold,open bridges,and,stance. I could not recommend him more highly. Worth every penny!!

Robert Stangl

New York


Package arrived! Thank you very much! It got here quick and in perfect condition! Totally recommend Dragon for your pool needs!!

James Edmiston



I recently sent my shaft to Dragon for a Kamui black soft tip to be installed. He responded quickly to my request and did a fantastic job on the tip. He cleaned the shaft for me as well. He finished it quickly and shipped it back to me the next day. Highly recommend his services and will definitely use again.

Chip Boswell



Kim Young is an excellent instructor. He has improved my game greatly. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seriously interested in improving their game.

Edward Sykes



I love Dragon Billiards Instruction. My first visit was delightful and the overall experience was impressive. I highly recommend giving them a try.

Gary Woods


New York

I had a great lesson with Kim yesterday. Kim was patient and will to explain things until I understood them. I recommend Kim to anyone who wants to learn to be a better player and anyone who wants a better understanding of the game. I look forward to our next lesson. Thanks for all of the help!

Tyree Fleming

New York

Kim was awesome!! Very patient and entertaining - while still getting the job done! He's got a great perspective on the importance of the basics how that foundation - even simple tweaks - will make a difference that grows as my skills do. "Don't rehearse the curse" - play consciously, so every shot is on purpose...with the correct mechanics. GREAT instructor!!!

Jill George



Kim 'The Dragon' Young runs an amazing shop. From the moment I walked in I knew how much he cares about the sport, and his dedication to growing it.

I was there for a lesson getting myself back on track with my training. He has helped me set up my goals with my training and knows that my goal of being a professional in the Billiards community is my dream.

I was able to set up my camera and record my lessons, which was a little over 3 hours long, and by the end I was feeling much more comfortable with my stance and stroke.

He also offers the training required to be a PBIA certified instructor as well, which I will be taking advantage of.

I highly recommend his services, and my only wish was he was a little closer to me so he could do the work on my table that someone else didn't do properly.

Persistent Wolf Billiards